What Does Nutolene Taste Like?

Peanuts on plateWhat is nutolene?

Nutolene is a vegetarian meat substitution product made by a company called Sanitarium. It comes packaged in a tin, in a solid white block. It’s made of boiled peanuts.

How it tastes

Nutolene is very bland with a slightly nutty flavor. It has a white, slightly slimy texture. It has a softer texture than tofu, and isn’t as strong – so it can be a good alternative for people who don’t like the overwhelming tofu taste. People who are not used to the flavor sometimes compare the taste to dog food. However those who are acclimatized to the taste often find it a nice additive in salads or spaghetti, as it does not overwhelm other cooking flavors.


Make sure to add some other flavoring to this product, or you may not enjoy it.

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