What Does Raw Milk Taste Like

What Is Raw Milk?

Raw milk refers to cow’s milk that has not been processed using pasteurisation. Some communities believe that raw milk is a healthier alternative as it contains fresh and unprocessed nutrients but the medical community warns that it can contain bacteria which can be detrimental to humans. Availability of raw milk varies based on location and in some areas of the world it’s banned, so dairy farmers cannot sell it for human consumption.

How It Tastes

Raw milk has a plainer and sweeter creamy taste than processed milk, although the taste can vary based on whether the cream has been removed and on the source.


Raw milk is often sold as ‘bath milk’ which is not for human consumption but is commonly used as a beauty treatment.

What Does Pepsi White (Yogurt Flavored) Taste Like?

What is Pepsi White?

Pepsi White is a carbonated drink that was released in Japan in 2008. It’s name is based on the fact that it’s meant to be yoghurt flavored – although, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t actually contain any yoghurt. To date, the drink is still only available in Japan or online.

How it tastes

This drink doesn’t taste like pepsi, or in fact any type of cola. The closest similarity would be with some type of creaming soda, with hints of vanilla and lemon. Some people consider it tart while others find it quite sweet.


The drink has a strong, unusual smell of the sweet variety and an unusual after taste. If you’re into unique Pepsi flavors, they also have spicy, ginger, cucumber, mont blanc, cinnamon and a whole range of other flavors that range from the unique to the downright crazy.

What Does a Glucose Drink Taste Like?

Pink drink on tableWhat is a glucose drink?

A glucose drink is a special type of drink given to pregnant women or diabetics who need to undergo a gestational diabetes test. The drink is usually given in a portion of approximately 500ml and has to be drunk in five minutes or less. The drink is  usually followed by between one and three blood tests to check how the person’s body reacts to the glucose.

Glucose drinks may also be purchased commercially and used by people who are in sports training or have special dietary needs.

How it tastes

The glucose drink tastes almost identical to lemonade.


If you’re having difficulty drinking the drink because you don’t like lemonade, ask for or bring your own straw. This may make it easier to drink the liquid in the required time.

What Do Acai Berries Taste Like?

Glass of purple juiceWhat are acai berries?

Acai berries grow on a type of palm tree. They are small, dark purple berries that look similar to blueberries. The berries rose to fame in 2004, after claims that they could vastly improve health and help with weight loss. They are consumed both fresh and dried as well as juiced.

How they taste

The taste of the berries varies between taste buds, but the taste of the fresh berries is generally described as a combination of raspberries and chocolate. Supplements and juices made from the berries may have other additives depending on the manufacturer but the taste is commonly said to be similar to pear or apple juice.


To date there has been no scientific evidence to either prove or disprove the health and weight loss benefits of acai berries and acai supplements.

What Does Chinotto Taste Like?

Two brown bottlesWhat is chinotto?

Chinotto is a soft drink produced in Italy. It was first marketed in the 1950s, although it’s unclear who the creator was – some claim it was first invented in the 1930s, others say it didn’t arrive till the late 1940s. Chinotto is made from the fruit of the Myrtle Leaved Orange Tree. The drink is a dark brown color, similar to Coca-Cola, but has a different taste.

How it tastes

The drink is not as sweet as Coca-Cola. It has a slightly herby bitter taste and seems to be an acquired taste or personal preference. The flavor has also been likened to that of Root Beer.


Although in some countries Chinotto is marketed under names that contain the word Fanta, don’t assume that it tastes like the well known orange flavored and colored Fanta – it has quite a different and unique taste. It’s also marketed under a range of other names including Chino.

What Does Vio Vibrancy Drink Taste Like?

Cans in shopping centreWhat is Vio Vibrancy?

Vio is a drink marketed by Coca Cola that is basically made of carbonated milk. It is currently available in four flavors, including tropical, citrus, berry and peach mango. They are packaged in an aluminium bottle.

How it tastes

The drinks bear a taste similar to watered down yoghurt with a dash of soda water. They also have a slight after taste and are very sweet. The citrus flavor is quite sour.


About the only thing these might be suitable for are as mixers with your favorite spirit! They also contain as much sugar as a standard soft drink, so they’re not a healthier choice.

What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?

Irn BruWhat is Irn Bru?

Irn Bru is Scotland’s leading non alcoholic drink. It’s a carbonated beverage with sales that outdo Coca Cola brands nationally. The drink is bright orange in color. It is often referred to as Scotland’s other most popular drink (after Scotch Whiskey).

How it tastes

The taste of Irn Bru has been described as sickly sweet, like bubblegum with a hint of a tingle similar to popping candy. Some people also find that they’re left with a slightly metallic after taste in their mouth. Other people say it has a hint of citrus/vanilla. The closest comparison is likely the US drink Dr Pepper.


Irn Bru is often cheaper to buy than Coca Cola.