What Does Liquid Echinacea Taste Like?

Pink Echinacea  flowerWhat is echinacea?

Echinacea is a plant that is commonly used as a remedy for a range of infections and health problems, in particular colds and flus. The plant is similar in appearance to a daisy and has a pink flower. This herb is usually given in either liquid or pill form, depending on the quality and concentration required, or on personal preference.

How it tastes

Most liquid echinacea products have an alcoholic base. Although the taste may vary between brands and mixtures, the taste is generally described as very bad – some people think the taste is reminiscent of extremely overpowering Sambuca (a licorice tasting alcoholic drink.)


To make the liquid more palatable you can try taking it with grape juice. Otherwise, try taking it as a shot, chased by something you like, such as your favorite drink or a strong flavored food. It will leave quite an after taste otherwise!

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