What Does Chinotto Taste Like?

Two brown bottlesWhat is chinotto?

Chinotto is a soft drink produced in Italy. It was first marketed in the 1950s, although it’s unclear who the creator was – some claim it was first invented in the 1930s, others say it didn’t arrive till the late 1940s. Chinotto is made from the fruit of the Myrtle Leaved Orange Tree. The drink is a dark brown color, similar to Coca-Cola, but has a different taste.

How it tastes

The drink is not as sweet as Coca-Cola. It has a slightly herby bitter taste and seems to be an acquired taste or personal preference. The flavor has also been likened to that of Root Beer.


Although in some countries Chinotto is marketed under names that contain the word Fanta, don’t assume that it tastes like the well known orange flavored and colored Fanta – it has quite a different and unique taste. It’s also marketed under a range of other names including Chino.

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