What Does Egg White Taste Like?

What are egg whites?

Eggs broken with whites and yolksEgg whites are the clear/yellowish liquid inside eggs (also known as albumen or the glair/glaire). When cooked, the clear part becomes white and solid. People are more commonly allergic to the egg white than the egg yolk (yellow part), which is why it’s commonly recommended that children under one year of age abstain from eating egg whites.

 How They Taste

The raw egg white has a thick and jelly like consistancy and very little taste, although the most common description of the taste is “like snot” or “slimy”. The cooked egg whites also have little taste, although they are quite a bit more palatable.


Avoid raw eggs if you are in a high risk category or are pregnant. Cooked egg whites are likely to require some seasoning or sauce.

Other Uses

Egg whites are commonly used for a variety of recipes and also for cleaning agents and personal hygiene (for instance as a shampoo.)

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