What Does Caviar Taste Like?

Black red caviarWhat is caviar?

Caviar, also known as black caviar, is a rare delicacy served either processed or fresh, and made of unfertilized sturgeon roe. Basically – fish eggs.

How it tastes

Caviar has a salty, fishy taste that is also slightly reminiscent of salmon. Some people find the taste slightly gritty. Cheaper caviar has a slightly saltier, fishier taste while many people say that the more expensive black caviar has a “finer” flavor.


There are many types of caviar available – black caviar is the most expensive because it comes from sturgeon, an over harvested and low population fish – it’s the most common type of fish eggs that people refer to when talking of ‘caviar’. However there are other, cheaper varieties of caviar that are harvested from other fish, such as red caviar.

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