What Does Pepsi White (Yogurt Flavored) Taste Like?

What is Pepsi White?

Pepsi White is a carbonated drink that was released in Japan in 2008. It’s name is based on the fact that it’s meant to be yoghurt flavored – although, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t actually contain any yoghurt. To date, the drink is still only available in Japan or online.

How it tastes

This drink doesn’t taste like pepsi, or in fact any type of cola. The closest similarity would be with some type of creaming soda, with hints of vanilla and lemon. Some people consider it tart while others find it quite sweet.


The drink has a strong, unusual smell of the sweet variety and an unusual after taste. If you’re into unique Pepsi flavors, they also have spicy, ginger, cucumber, mont blanc, cinnamon and a whole range of other flavors that range from the unique to the downright crazy.

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