What does fruit from a Fruit Salad Tree (Monstera deliciosa) taste like?

What is the Fruit Salad Tree

The fruit salad tree is a tropical plant with large, dark green leaves that can grow up to 20m high. It has whitish green flowers with a long green cone in the centre. This cone has small dimples and when sliced is reminiscent of a slice of pineapple.

It should not be confused with a fruit salad tree that is grafted out of multiple fruit trees to create a tree that bears multiple types of fruit.

How it tastes

The Monstera deliciosa is slightly sweet and tarty, a taste that many people find too rich on it’s own. Some of the more common flavors associated with this fruit are custard apple or a mix of fruit salad flavors.


Eating too much of this delicacy can leave the tongue feeling swollen and raw. Try and eat in small amounts.


This fruit should be fully ripe when consumed. It is ripe when the fruit begins to lift off the stem. Eating it before it is ripe can result in mild to severe poisoning and hospitalisation.

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