What Does Fugu (Puffer Fish) Taste Like

What Is Fugu?

Fugu is the Japanese word for a the puffer fish, a very dangerous and poisonous fish. Fugu contains tetrodotoxin, which is  lethally poisonous. Fugu must be prepared very carefully to remove all toxins before consumption. In 1984, Fugu was temporarily banned from Japanese restaurants due to how poisonous it is.  It takes 3 years of careful training before a chef is qualified to cook the fish delicacy. The liver is said to the tastiest part of the fish.

How It Tastes

Fugu has a similar flavor to chicken, gelatinous, tough and rubbery. Other accounts say it tastes like halibut.


Fugu is eaten more for the danger than for the flavor.

What Does Kelp (Sea Weed) Taste Like?

What is Kelp?

Kelp is a brownish seaweed that has quite a few varieties and uses – from fuel through to food. It’s a common part of traditional Japanese cooking and is used in quite a few different dishes. It can be eaten fresh, dried or processed into thin sheets to serve as a wrapping on rice.

How it tastes

Kelp has a salty, fresh flavor. Many types are sold with added spices and flavors depending on preference. The fresh seaweed sometimes has a slightly rubbery taste.


Kelp is full of vitamins and minerals – it makes a great snack if you want a healthy alternative to normal highly processed foods.

What does fruit from a Fruit Salad Tree (Monstera deliciosa) taste like?

What is the Fruit Salad Tree

The fruit salad tree is a tropical plant with large, dark green leaves that can grow up to 20m high. It has whitish green flowers with a long green cone in the centre. This cone has small dimples and when sliced is reminiscent of a slice of pineapple.

It should not be confused with a fruit salad tree that is grafted out of multiple fruit trees to create a tree that bears multiple types of fruit.

How it tastes

The Monstera deliciosa is slightly sweet and tarty, a taste that many people find too rich on it’s own. Some of the more common flavors associated with this fruit are custard apple or a mix of fruit salad flavors.


Eating too much of this delicacy can leave the tongue feeling swollen and raw. Try and eat in small amounts.


This fruit should be fully ripe when consumed. It is ripe when the fruit begins to lift off the stem. Eating it before it is ripe can result in mild to severe poisoning and hospitalisation.

What Does Escargot Taste Like?

What Are Escargot?

An escargot is a French cuisine the main ingredient of which is snails. They are usually cooked in a varying mixture of ingredients, the main ones being salt and garlic as well as butter and wine.

How It Tastes

The three most common descriptions given to this delicacy are chicken, rubbery clam or greasy and mushy tastes. The usually seasoning also makes them taste quite strongly of garlic and be quite salty.


These are usually a one try delicacy for those who don’t have a cultured (or French) taste. Make sure you have a drink on hand as well as some other food just in case you don’t like them!

What Does a Cactus or Prickly Pear Fruit Taste Like?

What Are Prickly Pear Fruit?

Cactus fruit or prickly pear fruit refers to the thorny red fruit that grow on cactus.

How They Taste

Cactus fruit has a taste similar to raspberries or watermelon, with a slight bite like kiwi fruit. The fruit is filled with small seeds which make it grainy to the tongue.


Be careful when harvesting or preparing this fruit. Just like its parent, it’s covered in long sharp thorns that can be quite painful when touched.

What Does Caviar Taste Like?

Black red caviarWhat is caviar?

Caviar, also known as black caviar, is a rare delicacy served either processed or fresh, and made of unfertilized sturgeon roe. Basically – fish eggs.

How it tastes

Caviar has a salty, fishy taste that is also slightly reminiscent of salmon. Some people find the taste slightly gritty. Cheaper caviar has a slightly saltier, fishier taste while many people say that the more expensive black caviar has a “finer” flavor.


There are many types of caviar available – black caviar is the most expensive because it comes from sturgeon, an over harvested and low population fish – it’s the most common type of fish eggs that people refer to when talking of ‘caviar’. However there are other, cheaper varieties of caviar that are harvested from other fish, such as red caviar.

What Does a Truffle Taste Like?

Truffle What is a truffle?

A truffle is a mushroom fungus that grows underground. They usually live off the nutrients supplied by trees, meaning their usual location is around the roots of large plants and trees. Truffles are usually black or white, with slight color variations in between. Truffles are difficult to grow, often taking years to fully seed and produce and despite being a widely cultivated delicacy in the early 1900s, the two world wars put a severe dent in their production – they’ve never fully recovered the same production levels, meaning they’re very expensive and considered a rare delicacy. Truffles are most commonly harvested using specially trained pigs or dogs that are trained to detect the special truffle odor.

How it tastes

Truffles have a slight mushroom flavor like their relatives, but have deeper, earthier undertones. They are slightly reminiscent of wood or nuts. Because of the different varities, truffle flavor can differ depending on the source of the truffles. People who don’t like them say they taste like dirty mushrooms.


Truffles are very expensive to buy because of the difficulty in cultivation and harvesting. For a slightly cheaper chance to taste the truffle flavor, try truffle oil instead of fresh truffles, in your cooking.

If you do plan to buy these you’ll probably need to do so in a speciality store. Fungus truffles are also often confused with chocolate truffles, a sweet (and much cheaper) confectionery.

What Does Jack fruit Taste Like?

Jack fruit on treeWhat is jack fruit?

The jack fruit has an appearance similar to that of the durian, large with green or yellow prickles on the outside, although the jack fruit can grow to a much bigger size than the durian. The fruit belongs to the mulberry family and is cultivated throughout southern China, Malaya, East Indies, India, Ceylon and Burma. The fruit is best grown in humid tropical or near tropical climates.

How it tastes

The jack fruit has a taste similar to chicken when green (unripe), making it an ideal meat substitute for vegetarians. When ripe, the fruit tastes like a cross between a banana and a pineapple and is quite sweet.


The fruit is usually cooked in chunks or canned. It is a popular additive for curries and sauces. The juice is quite gummy and is difficult to clean off utensils and skin. Applying oil before coming in contact with the fruit makes cleaning easier.

Other Use

The leaves and fruits are commonly used in India as livestock feed while the latex, when heated, is used as a glue for repairs. The seed of the jack fruit is highly regarded as an aphrodisiac and the leaf ash can be mixed with other ingredients to heal ulcers. The root of the tree is also commonly used to naturally treat asthma and skin conditions. The wood of the tree is a popular ingredient in all types of furniture and building as well as musical instrument production. The wood sawdust is also mixed with alum to create a silk dye.

What Does Nutolene Taste Like?

Peanuts on plateWhat is nutolene?

Nutolene is a vegetarian meat substitution product made by a company called Sanitarium. It comes packaged in a tin, in a solid white block. It’s made of boiled peanuts.

How it tastes

Nutolene is very bland with a slightly nutty flavor. It has a white, slightly slimy texture. It has a softer texture than tofu, and isn’t as strong – so it can be a good alternative for people who don’t like the overwhelming tofu taste. People who are not used to the flavor sometimes compare the taste to dog food. However those who are acclimatized to the taste often find it a nice additive in salads or spaghetti, as it does not overwhelm other cooking flavors.


Make sure to add some other flavoring to this product, or you may not enjoy it.

What Does Cassava Taste Like?

Cassava friesWhat is cassava?

Cassava, also known as yuca are edible tubers that grow on a certain family of tree. Commonly grown in parts of West Africa they are exported to other countries raw, cooked or in pill or powdered form for their health properties. Some of the recipes regularly made with cassava include fries, chips and flours.

Legend has it that cassava can increase the chance of a woman falling pregnant with fraternal twins or triplets, by causing hyperovulation (more than one egg dropping at once). Tribes that regularly eat yuca as part of their daily diet are said to have some of the highest rates of multiple birth in the world.

How it tastes

Yuca has a creamy taste. They also have a more starchy and fibrous texture than similar tasting food (such as potato or sweet potato). They can be quite bland, so often need some sauce or flavoring added.


Cassava is often confused with the sweet potato – however the two are completely different. Many western stores sell sweet potatoes, incorrectly labelled as cassava. Cassava tubers can also grow as big as 100 pounds. Yuca should always be cooked to remove cyanogenic glycosides which can have ill effects on the human body.