What does fruit from a Fruit Salad Tree (Monstera deliciosa) taste like?

What is the Fruit Salad Tree

The fruit salad tree is a tropical plant with large, dark green leaves that can grow up to 20m high. It has whitish green flowers with a long green cone in the centre. This cone has small dimples and when sliced is reminiscent of a slice of pineapple.

It should not be confused with a fruit salad tree that is grafted out of multiple fruit trees to create a tree that bears multiple types of fruit.

How it tastes

The Monstera deliciosa is slightly sweet and tarty, a taste that many people find too rich on it’s own. Some of the more common flavors associated with this fruit are custard apple or a mix of fruit salad flavors.


Eating too much of this delicacy can leave the tongue feeling swollen and raw. Try and eat in small amounts.


This fruit should be fully ripe when consumed. It is ripe when the fruit begins to lift off the stem. Eating it before it is ripe can result in mild to severe poisoning and hospitalisation.

What Does Vegemite Taste Like?

What is Vegemite?

Vegemite is a spread that is an Australian trademark and has been going strong for nearly 90 years. It’s made of yeast extract and is high in B vitamins.

How it tastes

Vegemite tastes very salty with a slightly savoury flavor. It’s similar to Marmite in some ways but has a stronger taste.


Vegemite is said to be an acquired taste, so don’t be surprised if you don’t like it. If you’re planning on trying it, apply a small amount to buttered toast or mix with your favorite savoury spread. Don’t apply it liberally like Jam or you may regret it!

What Does Escargot Taste Like?

What Are Escargot?

An escargot is a French cuisine the main ingredient of which is snails. They are usually cooked in a varying mixture of ingredients, the main ones being salt and garlic as well as butter and wine.

How It Tastes

The three most common descriptions given to this delicacy are chicken, rubbery clam or greasy and mushy tastes. The usually seasoning also makes them taste quite strongly of garlic and be quite salty.


These are usually a one try delicacy for those who don’t have a cultured (or French) taste. Make sure you have a drink on hand as well as some other food just in case you don’t like them!

What Does a Cactus or Prickly Pear Fruit Taste Like?

What Are Prickly Pear Fruit?

Cactus fruit or prickly pear fruit refers to the thorny red fruit that grow on cactus.

How They Taste

Cactus fruit has a taste similar to raspberries or watermelon, with a slight bite like kiwi fruit. The fruit is filled with small seeds which make it grainy to the tongue.


Be careful when harvesting or preparing this fruit. Just like its parent, it’s covered in long sharp thorns that can be quite painful when touched.

What Does Hyssop Taste Like?

Hyssop plant with purple flowersWhat Is Hyssop?

Hyssop is an astringent and aromatic herb from the mint family. Its leaves are commonly used for cooking and herbal preparations and the twigs and branches were commonly used for purification rituals in Bible times.

How it tastes

The most well known hyssop has a very pungent and strong minty flavor. However there are different varieties of hyssop around the world, and the tastes vary depending on which type is used. The other types have flavors similar to oregano, anise and peppercorn, respectively.


Hyssop has a very strong flavour, so only a small amount is required in cooking. In herbal remedies, it is most commonly used to alleviate respiratory issues and lower mucous levels.

What Does Egg White Taste Like?

What are egg whites?

Eggs broken with whites and yolksEgg whites are the clear/yellowish liquid inside eggs (also known as albumen or the glair/glaire). When cooked, the clear part becomes white and solid. People are more commonly allergic to the egg white than the egg yolk (yellow part), which is why it’s commonly recommended that children under one year of age abstain from eating egg whites.

 How They Taste

The raw egg white has a thick and jelly like consistancy and very little taste, although the most common description of the taste is “like snot” or “slimy”. The cooked egg whites also have little taste, although they are quite a bit more palatable.


Avoid raw eggs if you are in a high risk category or are pregnant. Cooked egg whites are likely to require some seasoning or sauce.

Other Uses

Egg whites are commonly used for a variety of recipes and also for cleaning agents and personal hygiene (for instance as a shampoo.)

What Do Sardines Taste Like?

Plate of sardines and saladWhat are sardines?

Sardines are a small type of oily fish related to herrings. A common expression is “packed as tight as sardines” due to the fact these tiny fish are often sold in tightly packed, full containers.  Sardines aren’t cooked, but preserved in a method known as “salting”, which also adds to their unique flavor.

How they taste

Sardines have a strong fishy flavour and are also quite salty.


If you don’t like the strong taste of these fishy treats plain, try some of the wide variety of flavored sardines. The bones are also edible, and break down very easily – they’re a great source of calcium. They’re great in salads, sandwiches, crackers and a range of other quick snacks.

What Does Quinoa Taste Like?

Uncooked Quinoa grainWhat is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a pseudocereal or seed that, although it bears similarities to grain, is not a grain. It can be prepared in similar ways to a grain however. It’s commonly used in place of rice and can also be used to make bread. Because it’s not a grain and is gluten free, it’s often used by people with allergies. It’s also claimed as a super food by many health groups.

How it tastes

Yellow quinoa tastes similar to couscous but with less flavor. Red quinoa is a lot more flavorful and has a nutty flavor. Quinoa is often described as being ‘earthy’ or ‘muddy’ in taste. It’s important to wash quinoa before cooking, as not doing so can leave a bitter flavor.


Quinoa is gluten free, cholesterol free, kosher, high in manganese, fiber, magnesium and copper. It’s a great alternative for people watching their diet who don’t want to cut out a certain taste group completely.

What does Egg Yolk Taste Like?

3 Eggs on TableWhat is egg yolk?

Egg yolk is the yellow part of the egg, the part that would be used to feed a growing infant chick if the egg wasn’t used for human consumption. It’s usually less commonly used (many recipes call for the egg whites, the clear part of the egg) and is generally cooked only as a whole with the egg white itself. Eggs are used in a wide range of recipes to add flavor and binding, can be eaten raw (or drunk in things such as eggnog) and boiled, poached and cooked in a variety of ways.

How it tastes

Raw egg yolks have a mild milky or buttery flavor and are quite slimy. Cooked egg yolks have an even milder slightly dusty flavor that is slightly powdery.


Egg yolk is less allergenic than the whites. For this reason, infants are recommended to eat yolks, but usually not whites till at least 1 year of age.

Some people find egg yolks disgusting, while others view an egg cooked with a “sunny side up” raw egg yolk as a delicacy.

What Does a Glucose Drink Taste Like?

Pink drink on tableWhat is a glucose drink?

A glucose drink is a special type of drink given to pregnant women or diabetics who need to undergo a gestational diabetes test. The drink is usually given in a portion of approximately 500ml and has to be drunk in five minutes or less. The drink is  usually followed by between one and three blood tests to check how the person’s body reacts to the glucose.

Glucose drinks may also be purchased commercially and used by people who are in sports training or have special dietary needs.

How it tastes

The glucose drink tastes almost identical to lemonade.


If you’re having difficulty drinking the drink because you don’t like lemonade, ask for or bring your own straw. This may make it easier to drink the liquid in the required time.