What Does Breast Milk Taste Like?

What Is Breast Milk?

Breast Milk is the liquid from a human female breast, most commonly starting after the birth of her baby, after the initial golden liquid called colostrum (labelled ‘nature’s vaccine’). Breast Milk is highly nutritious and in some countries such as Mongolia, children are breastfed up til the age of 7 and adults are also occasionally given breast milk when sick. Breast Milk has also been linked to a range of other uses, such as killing bacteria and being a source of stem cells.

How It Tastes

Breast Milk is very sweet, milky and nutty and has been compared to the taste of vanilla ice cream.


Wet nursing and donor milk is a common option for mothers who can’t breastfeed. There are a range of global organisations that provide milk sharing help including Human Milk 4 Human Babies (HM4HB) and local milk banks.

What Does Sweat Taste Like

What Is Sweat?

Sweating is an important way for your body to keep itself cool and remove toxins through your skin. It appears as water on the skin, varying between a light sheen through to droplets.

How It Tastes

The taste of sweat can vary; the most common flavour is salty. However your diet plays a big role in the taste and even smell of your sweat, can include vinegar, sweet, sour or salty.


Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially during high temperatures and when you exercise.

What Does Hair Taste Like?

What iWoman hair winds hair?

Hair is the well known substance that grows on most mammals in variety of places. Some mammals are covered in hair from head to toe, while others have more hair on particular parts of their body, such as their head.

How it tastes

Hair has a crunchy texture. It is generally fairly tasteless, but any taste  it has is usually based upon the type of cleaners, shampoos or conditioners used on it – usually this means a chemical or slightly astringent taste.


If you have a habit of chewing on your hair, it can cause split ends.

Chemical build up in your hair from shampoos and conditioners can also hurt your scalp and it’s a good idea to wash with natural products now and then to prevent this buildup.

What Does Mold Taste Like?

What is Mouldy breadmold?

Mold spores grow on old food or wet, moist areas. There are many types and colors of mould. Some types are relatively harmless, while others can leave people sick for days or even result in death. Mould spores can also cause people with breathing problems such as asthma to have attacks and difficulty breathing.

How it tastes

Mould tastes a lot like wet dirt. If you ever bite into a mouldy piece of fruit or bread, you’ll notice a dusty, dirty taste in your mouth.


If you have a piece of food with mould on it, even a little bit, you should immediately dispose of it. Usually the whole piece of food is breaking down, and there may be other mould patches on it which haven’t yet growth enough to be visible to the naked eye.